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About Our Storyteller

Helen Watkinson

Helen trained at Drama Centre London and with the National Youth Theatre. 
Before training as an actor, she studied English Language & Literature at University College London. 

Beauty and the Beast Story
Red Riding Hood Story

Helen’s screen work has included several short films, a documentary feature film (Stonehenge Empire, BBC/ October Films) 
and a feature film (Blue Hollywood, Thespian Films).

Our stories

The Mischievous Magician

There was once a wicked magician who did nothing but evil for years and years. There came a day when Vengeance, disguised as a blind beggar, outwitted him, and stole his magic wand...


"Today I brew, tomorrow I bake, next day the queen's child I shall take; How glad I am that nobody knows my name is ..."  

The Emperor's New Clothes

A vain emperor who doesn't care about anything except wearing the finest clothes hires weavers who promise to make him the best clothes the world has ever seen. The weavers are con men who convince the emperor they are using an amazing fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or a fool...

The Golden Goose

John, the youngest brother of three sets off into the forest to bring home wood for his mother after his two 'clever', older brothers have failed. On his way he meets a grey man with whom he shares his meagre lunch. The grey man rewards his kindness in the most unusual way resulting in an unlikely adventure for John with a very happy ending...

Beauty and the Beast

A widower merchant lives with his three daughters. All his daughters are very beautiful, but the youngest, Beauty, is the loveliest. Kind, well read and pure of heart, her elder sisters, in contrast, are wicked, selfish, vain and spoiled. The merchant loses his fortune, so goes on a journey to bring home one last gift to each of his three daughters. On his way home he stumbles upon the castle of a great beast. When the Beast catches him plucking a flower from his gardens he gives the merchant a choice of punishment. Die or give him a daughter to marry. But all is not as it seems...


With a wicked stepmother and two jealous stepsisters who keep her enslaved and in rags, Cinderella stands no chance of going to the royal ball. When her fairy godmother appears and makes her dreams of attending come true, Cinderella enchants the handsome Prince at the ball. She must race home to her angry stepmother and sisters before the spell wears off at midnight...

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A little girl named Goldilocks, goes for a walk and stumbles upon a little house in the forest. She enters and finds, to her delight, three bowls of porridge. The first bowl was too hot, the second was too cold but the third was just right so she eats it all up. The house and the porridge belong to three bears who are not happy that Goldilocks is in their house eating up their supper...

Red Riding Hood

Mary's mother made her a little cloak with a hood of red cloth. The little girl looked so pretty in it that her mother called her Little Red Riding Hood instead of Mary. One day mother gave Little Red Riding Hood a basket of food and asked her to take it to her sickly grandmother who lived alone in the wood. "Run along quickly, do not loiter or stop to talk to anyone along the way.' But Little Red Riding Hood does loiter and she talks to a big bad wolf. The wolf tricks her and she is saved in the nick of time by a woodcutter in the forest...

The Three Little Pigs

A mummy pig sends her three little pigs off into the world with words of advice to seek their fortunes. Two little pigs ignore their mothers advice and come to a wicked end at the hands of a wolf. The third little piggy (who took his mother's advice) fools the wolf at every turn and eventually gets the better of him...

Puss in Boots

A miller dies leaving three sons. His property is divided between them. The eldest takes the mill and the land around it, the second takes the flocks and herd and Jack is left with three silver coins and a cat. The cat offers to make Jack his fortune if he spends all of his silver on a bag and a little pair of boots for him. And so the adventure begins...

The Night Before Christmas

A timeless and beautiful Christmas poem about a little girl who see's Santa in her house on Christmas Eve...

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